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Forum rules

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PostPosted: 06/22/2012, 11:43 am    Post subject: Forum rules Reply with quote

The Forum is accompanied by a regulation. It should be read in full before registration.


Preamble: Nicknames
The username you choose is important, with others it reflects the image of the forum which is intended primarily as a forum for serious research and discussion. You can not change it once registered.

Nicks in all caps are no longer allowed, those using words or expressions of everyday life, childish diminutives, with political connotations or aliens names are no longer accepted.
Examples: jojolafrite, 2012, tinounours, milk-mint, scullion, aspirin, alientruc, galaxy-beauty, ronpaulwillwin...

The seriousness of the discussion takes a big hit with people who choose to call themselves such as above and stakeholders research will thus find themselves unjustly degraded. This also helps to keep the UFO subject in a ridiculous context.

Forum Rules:

1 - Before you post your message ... and before opening a new thread, be sure to post in the right place by using the "search" function. Your topic may have already been discussed, so add your contribution to it. "Twins" topics will be merged eventually with the existing thread and, as a result, your title will be lost.
Only post in one place, duplicates are removed, this serves as prior notice.
Do not be too hasty in applying that last click that publishes your message on the forum! Deleting posts is impossible.

2 - The topic title should summarize the message. Vague generalities (Question, help...etc) should be avoided. The titles that appear in CAPITAL LETTERS are aggressive and give the impression that you are shouting. They are reserved for the moderation who, without shouting, desire to highlight the specific use of a thread. You can change your title.
3 - Do we know you? Smile Welcome, thanks for coming and do present yourself in a few lines here: New members introduction

4 - Should we write or should we talk? We discuss various subjects and, for some, as in the Saloon, spoken language facilitates friendliness. Everyone is free to speak as he wishes, as long as it's in correct English. SMS messages will be deleted without further notice.

  •     Uppercase: no need to shout, it irritates ... It's to be avoided, except for that one word that you wish to emphasize. Underlining is less aggressive.
  •     Bold: do not use for a whole post or paragraph, it may appear aggressive.
  •     Color: red is reserved for moderation, which in this case does not shout at you but want to makes sure that his message will be seen by all, as the given advice or request made to you is valid for everyone.
  •     Spelling: use of the spelling checker for the enjoyment of the readers is a necessity! A message that contains too many mistakes (spelling or grammar) will be deleted.
  •     Chat and off topic: this forum is not a chat. Very short posts or sentences that look like "chat" are tolerated for usability but should not be repeated. These interventions often lead to off-topic discussions. Any abuse will be deleted or redirected.
5 - Signatures: thank you for your discretion, animated gifs make for slow reading, especially if you are a prolific poster. A link is accepted, no more.

6 - Sources, links and quotes: for this forum, they are a very important part of your message. Items of information without their source are not worth the seriousness they deserve and may contribute to what is generally said about the Internet: a den of unfounded rumors, an unreliable tool... If the information you give is your personal opinion, add the acronym: IMO (In My Opinion). Be clear to the reader who needs to know who is speaking / writing, yourself or someone else you are quoting? Quotations without at least one reliable source will be deleted.

  •     Source: essential, it authenticates what you are sharing. It must be valid, with a link if possible. The author and the first publication date should be included. For a book, the author, title, and the editor will allow members to learn more as well.
  •     Link: please make a click on your link to verify that it works! Links without neither any introduction nor one or two explicit words will be deleted without notice. A few lines that express your interest in what you propose to see or read are enough.
  •     Quote: when you quote a few lines of text that come from outside the forum, please, specify it with the source. No need to quote the entire article, links are given to avoid a cumbersome and slow forum. Only the moderator's press reviews may have more than a dozen lines. When you quote a post to answer it, do not quote it as a whole if it is long and do not forget to identify the member who was quoted.
  •     Copy and paste: use in moderation for the length of the text, and without restraint to increase the interest of the discussion! (10 to 12 lines are sufficient, with a link to read it all, "except for specific files posted by the moderators")
  •     English-speaking forum: avoid citations or links in a foreign language without a few words of explanation. Foreign videos without English subtitles will be deleted without any warning.
  •     Opinions and beliefs: this forum is not a forum of opinions, the guideline is based on shared information and the resulting research to prove or disprove this information. The opinions and beliefs, important for the person who expresses them, have no value in the discussion, this is especially true in ufology. Phrases like, "I believe...", "I do not believe it", etc. .. are unnecessary.
7 - Post a video or a photo:
  •     Do not post without video title (the Youtube, Daily, Google or Vimeo title ...). For those whose title does not appear automatically, make sure your title is consistent with the content.
  •     Before posting, check (with the search function and the Youtube / Daily / Google..... title) that your video is not already on the forum. This will allow you to read previous discussion if it is there. Duplicates are deleted without notice, the reader will be send to the video already posted with a link.
  •     It is needless to post all videos of the same program - the first is sufficient. Nevertheless, it is authorized to specify links for the following if they are hard to find (h ttp :// ...)
  •     Old UFO/IFO videos should have been previously scrutinized on the Internet about the discussion they have generated. There are thousands videos of a light spot on a black background on Youtube!
  •     Please, do not post a video "as is" without" any comment or introduction in few lines. Such videos will be deleted without notice.
  •     Photos - It is recommended to use the preview of your message when you post a picture to avoid the larger sizes that are slowing the surfing for everyone. If too large, an image can be linked. Duplicate images will be deleted.
8 - Insults are not tolerated, racism, homophobia, and hate are not allowed, either to a particular member or in general. It is pointless to engage in an exchange of this type and your post will be deleted with others as well. Moderators reserve the right to remove any such messages.
We thank you to respect the laws of your country and apply the common rules of Netiquette.
Personal debates between members which turn into a fight must continue in PM or even better, not continue at all .

9 - Anonymity is a right for all, please respect it by not disclosing without the express consent, elements of the identity and privacy of another member. Do not post private content that is easily identifiable such as emails, phone numbers etc. ...

10 - Multiple nicknames: there is no need to use multiple nicknames in this forum to make it appears as different members or for any other reason whatsoever. This is a serious matter for all forums and will lead to an immediate ban of such offenders with or without notice.

11 - Private Messaging (PM): new subscribers who come only to use the PM without ever having participated in the life of the forum will see their accounts closed. Wrongdoing in the use of private messaging can be reported to the moderation team with the corresponding private messages. Administrators can delete private messaging for a forum member.

12 - Not allowed on this board (except those posted by the moderators and administrators)
  •     Petitions of all kinds.
  •     Calls for donations, subscriptions, etc. ...
  •     Links to advertising blogs.
  •     Links to sites and forums with prior registration.
  •     String emails, telephone number and email addresses.
13 - Failure to follow these rules of conduct will lead to the following penalties:
  1. A warning.   
  2. In the event of recurrence, the right to post will be temporarily suspended.
  3. Temporarily ban.
  4. Permanent ban.

To avoid rambling discussions that become incomprehensible because of deleted posts, deleting posts is impossible. Do not be afraid to post as you go, it is simply a matter of maintening to assume the posted statements to ensure clarity of discussion. Everyone will be smart enough to understand that because you posted such and such notice one month ago, that you cannot change it. It is unnecessary and counterproductive to censor yourself!
When a post is edited by a moderator, the author of the post is not allowed either to rewrite it  or to delete it, doing so will result in a sanction such as detailed in point n°13.

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PostPosted: 06/22/2012, 11:43 am    Post subject: Publicité

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